Monday, April 26, 2010

紅豆砵仔糕 Hong Kong Style Red Bean Pudding

我要黃色~ 多 d 豆吖唔該!~
好懷念香港特式小食: 砵仔糕呀! 次次返 HK 都會叫阿媽去開街市買俾我食. 個人認為砵仔糕係要多豆、 夠煙韌同埋夠彈牙先至好食. 美國 d 紅豆煲紅豆沙就無 HK 嗰 d 咁起沙, 但用黎整砵仔糕就 OK 嘞, 因為唔易煮散晒嘛.
由於太想食, 於是手痕痕開工動手整. 我加左黑糖, 令個糕隻色深 d, 食落又香 d. 正!
好滿足呀!~ ;)

粘米粉 100g、澄麵 30g、馬蹄粉 20g、糯米粉 25g、片糖 60g、黑糖 50g、水兩杯、紅豆適量

1. 紅豆洗淨先用滾水浸焗一小時,再煮二十分鐘放真空煲焗一晚備用。
2. 粘米粉、澄麵、馬蹄粉和糯米粉放大碗內混合。
3. 片糖、黑糖和水煮至完全溶解, 襯熱分次撞入粉內,邊撞邊攪勻。
4. 小碗放蒸架上跟水一起蒸熱, 水滾後把粉漿倒入小碗中,快手加入紅豆,加蓋大火蒸大約二十分鐘。
5. 待涼一會後,用竹籤把缽仔糕拮出, 食得。

- 蒸時鑊中的水要夠多, 火要夠猛, 才能蒸出靚靚砵仔糕

100g rice flour
30g wheat starch
20g water chestnut starch
25g glutinous(sticky) rice flour
60g raw brown sugar
50g dark brown sugar
2 cups water
red beans

* Soak red beans in boiling water, covered, for an hour. Then simmer for 20 minutes, put into thermos vacuum cooker overnight.
* In a large bowl, combine rice flour, wheat starch, water chestnut starch and sticky rice flour.
* Boil raw brown sugar and dark brown sugar with water till completely dissolved. Stir into flour mixture little at a time (divide a few times to stir in).
* Place small bowls onto steaming rack and let heat up with water. Bring water to a boil, pour mixture into small bowls, quickly add red beans. Cover and steam for about 20 minutes.
* Let cool for a bit. Use bamboo skewers to remove the pudding from bowl.

- Make sure steaming over high heat with a nice amount of water to get better consistency pudding.

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